History and Team

In 2002, a small group of professionals proposed to create a system to promote the optimal treatment of cancer in people with intellectual disabilities. This idea arose through recognition of the care-related problems encountered by these people when they have cancer, combined with the difficulties for health professionals to easily access information on cancer and intellectual disability.
Three doctors, Dr Bernard Azéma, a psychiatrist, Professor Stéphane Culine, a medical oncologist, and Dr Daniel Satgé, an anatomo-pathologist, joined with Professor Jean-Bernard Dubois, an oncologist, radiotherapist, and then-director of the Val d'Aurelle Cancer Control Centre in Montpellier, to develop a project to provide care for people with intellectual disabilities integrated into the Centre de Lutte contre le Cancer (ICM-Val d’Aurelle).

Pr Jean-Bernard Dubois

Dr Bernard Azéma

Pr Stéphane Culine

Dr Daniel Satgé


In 2008, Mr Patrick Gohet, then the Inter-ministerial Delegate for People with Disabilities, asked about the issue of cancers in people with intellectual disabilities. He commissioned Dr Daniel Satgé to undertake an evaluation of a possible care structure.
On June 9, 2009, Mr Gohet organised a meeting with representatives of the Directorate General for Health, the Directorate General for Healthcare Provision, geneticists, researchers and Professor Dubois. Together, they validated the promotion of a structure dedicated to the management of cancers in people with intellectual disabilities.

Dr Daniel Satgé was laureate of Cancer Prize in 2019 by the French National Academy of Medicine for his research and achievements in improving the care of people with intellectual disabilities. 


assemblée générale





Creation of the Association

On February 3, 2012, the Oncodéfi Association was created in Montpellier during its first general assembly.



locaux oncodefi

 The Premises

On March 1, 2013, Oncodéfi moved into the buildings of the Institut Montpelliérain d'Imagerie Médico-Biologique (IMIM), located just in front of the ICM-Val d'Aurelle Cancer Control Centre.


 Read about the Oncodefi Association project as it was originally conceived: pdfOncodefi-Project



Current team


• Director                                                              
  Dr Daniel Satgé                  


• Research Team CRA                                                                      Liaison nurses
Hélène Carbone - Amaëlle Otandault                                               Pauline Bonnefoy - Manon Vulcano
• Clinical Research Technician                                                        • Secretariat

Louisa Allouche                                                                                   Christiane Satgé




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