History and Team

Dr Daniel SATGÉ Medical pathologist (diagnosis of cancers under microscope) and philosophy doctor.
He has worked for 23 years on cancers in persons with intellectual disability and coordinated the first collective book on the subject (1). He has been the holder of ONCODEFI project for 7 years. He is its present coordinator and will be its director.

« It is my firm conviction that humanity will not be complete until it includes all persons, especially those that are different. »

Dr Bernard AZÉMA Psychiatrist, specialist in intellectual disability, health geographer, technical advisor, and representative for France of the European group POMONA, working on health indicators for people with intellectual disability.

Pr Stéphane CULINE Cancer specialist, University professor, Head of Department at Hôpital Saint Louis à Paris. Author of 256 medical articles. President of the college of cancerology teachers, Chairman of the group of studies on uro-genital tumors.


And also

Dr Isabelle COUPIER, consultant in cancer genetics at CHU de Montpellier, Dr Brigitte TRETARRE, Director of the Cancer Registry of Hérault, Dr Anouk POUJOL, physician of persons with intellectual disability, Dr Maryvonne SOULIER, Psycho-oncology team, Centre de Lutte contre le Cancer val d’Aurelle Paul Lamarque de Montpellier.



Mr Patrick GOHET Président du Conseil National Consultatif des Personnes Handicapées (CNCPH). Supporter of the project since its conception.

Mr Jean-François CHOSSY Member of parliament for Loire, appointed by the Prime Minister for a parliamentary mission on persons with disability. Relations with the Ministry.

Pr Marie-Odile RÉTHORÉ Member of the Academy of Medicine, Chairperson of INTELLI’CURE, association. Supporter of the project since its conception.

Pr Jean-Pierre DAURÈS Director of the Institut Universitaire de Recherche Clinique à Montpellier. Scientific cooperation, providing the premises of IURC.

Association UNAPEI Logistical support for the preparation of the project. Access to the network of accommodation facilities for persons with intellectual disability.

Fondation Jérôme LEJEUNE Financial support for the preparation of the project. Medical Cooperation.

Association PERCE-NEIGE Financial support for the preparation of the project. Medical Cooperation.

Association INTELLI’CURE Direct linkage to the INTELLI’CURE Association, network of professionals serving people with intellectual disability.


Current team

Director                                                        Nurses team
• Dr Daniel Satgé                                          • Manon Vulcano
                                                                      • Marion Miller
Research team                                      
• Sarah Habib-Hadef, ARC                          Secrétariat    
• Louisa Allouche TEC                                  • Christiane Satgé

(1). D Satgé and J Merrick, Cancer in children and adults with intellectual disability, Novascience Publishers, New York, 2011.


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