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Among the population with intellectual disabilities (1,2 million children and adults in France),
the incidence of cancer is identical to that observed in the global population.

However, the frequency of the various tumour types is different for the population
with intellectual disability in relation to the overall population: the risk appears
to be increased for some tumours and decreased for others.
These epidemiological particularities must be defined to avoid any risk of reoccurrence,
and diagnosis and therapeutic management must be adapted to persons with cancer
and intellectual disability.

The objectives of the ONCODEFI Association are therefore:

- To identify the best conditions for early diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

- Develop guides to good practice in patient care for people with intellectual disability and cancer.
- To coordinate and deliver, in a national and international site open to health professionals,
families, and scientists, all the medical information on cancer in people with intellectual disability.

- To create a database in a documentation centre that includes all the knowledge on biological
and epidemiological features and diagnosis, therapy, and prognosis of cancers in children
and adults with intellectual disability, for the support of clinical and basic scientific research.

ONCODEFI must therefore promote optimal clinical management, documentation, and quality research
in association with networks such as INTELLI'CURE, and others, and subsequently with networks
for cancer and intellectual disability.


Professor Jean Bernard Dubois
October 1, 2013




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Oncodefi's Partners and Supporters

Herault Tumour Registry

Director Doctor Brigitte Tretarre

Montpellier Cancer Institute (ICM-Val d'Aurelle)
Director Professor Marc Ychou

CREAI-ORS-OCCITANIE (« Centre d'Etudes d'Actions et d'Informations », in favour of people in vulnerable situations – « Observatoire Régional de la Santé »)
Director Mr Guillaume Suderie

University Institute of Clinical Research of Montpellier (IURC)
Director Professor Guillaume Captier

Onco-Occitanie Network
Director Doctor Eric Bauvin




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