Press Articles

2019, “Cancer handicap”

21- VivreEnsemble
January 2019, “Together to reduce cancer”

20- Midi Libre
October 12th 2018, “Symposium cancer and handicap”

19- Midi Libre
September 6th 2018, “Lucie is healed for a cancer”

18- Oncodefi
May 10th 2018, “Summary of collaboration with Oncodefi”

March 20th 2018, “Health Policy High Age Disability”

September 10th 2017, “Cancer and Intellectual Disability”

15- Midi Libre
June 30th 2017, “A book to inform the most fragile population”

14- VivreEnsemble
September 2015, “Cancer in easy to think”

13- Ethics and cancer
May 18th 2015, “Difficult care”

12- La Dépêche du Midi
May 12th 2015, “Cancer: the delicate care”

11- Libération
May 5th 2015, “Cancer: we can't leave them out”

10- L’Infirmière magasine
March 13th 2015, “Mental handicap and cancer”

9- Letter of the Order of Physicians
November 2014, “Oncodefi Presentation”

8- Midi Libre
October 4th 2014, “Concert against cancer”

7- L’Infirmière magasine
April 1st 2014, “Mental handicap and cancer”

6- Le Quotidien du Médecin
February 10th 2014, “Symposium 2014”

5- Midi Libre
February 2014, “Symposium 2014”

4- Midi Libre
September 6th 2013, “When cancer affects more fragile patients”

3- News Letter of the royal College of Psychiatrist Faculty of Intellectual Disability
April 2013, “Oncodefi Presentation”

2- The letter of the Jerôme Lejeune Fondation
March 2013, “Cancer and intellectual disability”

1- Vivre Ensemble
January 2012, “Cancer challenged”




Interviews with Dr Daniel Satgé on Vivre FM:

• The genesis of the Oncodéfi association: From the idea of a unique system in France and abroad, to the creation of an association dedicated to the optimal treatment of cancers in people with intellectual disabilities.
Interview_project_Oncodefi October 2014, 31:43 minutes

International Symposium on "Cancer and Intellectual Disability": The first international event ever organised on this topic, bringing together more than 110 speakers from 11 countries, in Montpellier in 2014.
Interview_symposium_Oncodefi January 2014, 30:15 minutes

Booklet "Lucie Is Treated for Cancer ": This work demonstrates the importance of support adapted to people with intellectual disabilities who have cancer. Created in 2017, this booklet provides simplified information from the biological perspective, to the care pathway, to the idea of creating a unique tool for optimal management.
Interview_Accompaniment_Oncodefi June 2012, 30:34 minutes





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