Films presenting Oncodefi

        Film presenting Oncodefi (in French)
          ADPS-partenariat Allianz, 2013, 4:09

      Film presenting Oncodefi (in French)
           Ligue contre le Cancer 2015, 2:01




Films from Epidaure conferences

 Conference pain and somatic care for
 people with intellectual disabilities
(in French)
Docteur Djéa Saravane, 2019, 58:49




Other films

Second International Symposium presentation film
(in French)
Les films du Caducé, 2018, 2:32

Film vernissage of the exhibition ART et SANTE
(In French) Comité de sensibilisation pour le dépisatge des cancers en Aveyron 2019, 1:53




Films recommended by Oncodefi

The CIPOLD film highlights the health needs of people with intellectual disabilities, and how their care must and can be improved.











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