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ISCAO: Liaison nurses in the management and care of cancer in people with intellectual disabilities in the Occitanie region.



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Liaison Nurses

ISCAO was established in January 2019 within Oncodéfi (, an association under the 1901 law, which aims to provide optimal cancer management, from prevention and screening to treatment and follow-up, for people with intellectual disabilities.

President: Prof. Jean-Bernard Dubois, Director: Dr. Daniel Satgé.

ISCAO is funded by the Occitanie Regional Health Agency (ARS- Occitanie), and is part of the regional health project (PRS) Occitanie region.

In 2016-2017, a one-year ARII (Action Recherche Infirmiere Institution) research project was led by Oncodéfi in Hérault with the support of the Malakoff Médéric Handicap Foundation. The project was carried out by Anne Chanel, a nurse employed by Oncodéfi, and two volunteers, Sylvie Giordano, director of a medical and social institution, and Jocelyne Vianes, an executive nurse in oncology. Their work revealed the many difficulties at all stages of the care process for people with intellectual disabilities affected by cancer: support, appointment scheduling, diagnostic procedures, therapy and post-therapeutic follow-up.
Currently, ISCAO operates in the medical and social institutions of the entire Occitanie region.



Certified Report

Cancers are as frequent in people with intellectual disabilities as in the general population. However, the patterns are different and, importantly, not well defined, which leads to difficulties in diagnosis and management. Cancers are often discovered late, which makes treatment more intense and difficult and lowers the chances of cure. These factors highlight the importance of cancer screening and prevention.
Difficulties are compounded by a lack of links between health care teams and medical and social institutions’ professional teams.

ISCAO aims to facilitate these links to improve care.




1. Promote cancer knowledge among medical and social professionals including about screening, prevention, and awareness of symptoms that may suggest cancer.
2. Help support people with intellectual disabilities at all stages of cancer, while respecting fundamental ethical principles, in particular the dignity of the person.
3. Network the various professionals in the health and medico-social sectors.




- Inform about prevention, cancer screening, and warning signs.
- Respond to requests from institutions (information, advice, and networking) in the care of a resident affected by cancer.
During their interventions, ISCAO liaison nurses do not provide direct care.
- Work in conjunction with the Institute of Cancer in Montpellier (ICM), with hospitals and clinics, and in collaboration with the Onco-Occitanie cancer network.


The attached Powerpoint presents great lines on particularites on cancers screeing in people with intellectual disabilites and as they are presented by liaison nurses during sensitization meetings.



Methods of Intervention

Any intervention is subject to the written agreement of the director of the establishment.
Interventions can be done by:
- On-site activities in institutions, or
- Video-conferencing.
Interventions carried out within the ISCAO framework are free of charge.




Contact Information

Liaison nurses:
Marion Miller: / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Manon Vulcano: / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fixed line nursing office:
Dr. Daniel Satgé
Association Oncodéfi,
Parc Euromédecine,
209 Avenue des Apothicaires,






To make a donation:
Indicate : ONCODEFI and send to
Maître Sophie Roussel
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Tel 04 67 78 20 62

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