The meeting place of two previously distinct medical fields , namely cancer and intellectual disability
           ONCODEFI is an original project, the first one ever to have been launched in France.

Inter-Symposium 2021

The inter-symposium on cancer and intellectual disability initially planned for spring 2020 in Frambu (Norway) will finally take place in the form of a :

Webinar on Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th April 2021

This inter-symposium is organised by Ms Stine Skorpen in collaboration with the Frambu Resource Centre for Rare Disorders and the Norwegian National Advisory Unit, Ageing and Health.

Find the full programme of the webinar and more information at www.frambu.no 

Prevent and Treat cancers in people with Intellectual Disability

What are Oncodefi's objectives?
• Care assistance
• Information
• Research

Who does Oncodefi support?
• People with intellectual disabilities
• Their families and friends
• Professionals in the medical and social establishments
• Doctors and scientists

ISCaO TeamImage Logo Iscao 07.08.19

ISCaO team is composed of two nurses responsible for linking the network of medico-social institutions with cancerology services in the public and private sectors.

Missions du dispositif ISCAO

Inform about prevention, cancer screening and warning signs.
Respond to the requests of institutions (information, advice, networking) in the care of a resident affected by cancer.

Participate to the progress on cancer in persons with intellectual disability

Cancers developed by persons with intellectual disability are poorly understood and different from those in the general population.

For psychological and biological reasons, the treatment of these cancers is more difficult.





During the second international symposium in 2018 on cancer in persons with intellectual disability, French speaking audience asked for a congress in French language.
The first Oncodefi National Days (Journées Nationales Oncodefi) will present the general cancer and intellectual disability issues. Poorly known field.
It will be a practical approach of these problems.
It’s dedicated to a French speaking audience, particularly for professional caregivers, oncology teams and families.

The National Oncodéfi Days planned for March 26th and 27th, 2020, are postponed to autumn


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