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The First International Symposium on Cancer in People with Intellectual Disability, in February 2014 in Montpellier, France, brought together professionals from various specialties to create exchange ideas and create new collaborations. Building on the success of the first workshop, we announce plans for the Second International Symposium on Cancer in People with Intellectual Disability, scheduled for October 10-12, 2018 in Montpellier, France.

The symposium aims at assembling diverse participants—oncologists, nurses, biologists, researchers, epidemiologists, professional caregivers, psychiatrists, psychologists, anthropologists and family members—dedicated to uncovering issues surrounding the occurrence of cancer in this population.

The only international one of its kind, this symposium offers a unique opportunity to present advances and progress on this poorly understood subject. It is an opportunity to meet professionals from a range of countries and specialties and to open our minds to different approaches, a feature much appreciated at the 2014 symposium.

The program includes the following topics linked with intellectual disability: cancers in children, adults, and older people; experience of cancer in people with intellectual disabilities; cancer epidemiology; organs at risk; genetics; cancer screening and prevention; cancer diagnosis; pain management; palliative care; communicating with persons with intellectual disability and communicating tools; and professional caregivers and cancer.

Call for abstracts, deadline September 15


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Sarah Habib-Hadef, Clinical Research Associate
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Participate to the progress on cancer in persons with intellectual disability


Cancers developed by persons with intellectual disability are poorly understood and
different from those in the general population. For psychological and biological reasons, the treatment of these cancers is more difficult.
ONCODEFI , the meeting place of two previously distinct medical fields , namely cancer and intellectual disability, is an original project, the first one ever to have been launched in France or Internationally.
It covers 7,000 new patients each year in France, 35,000 new patients in the USA and over 800,000 in the world.



Joining the club of oncodefi :

  • Your company will get a positive image associated with the progress of
    medicine and social innovation. You will provide it an opportunity to
    be present at events that bring together the scientific community.
  • You’ll make your employees rally to a cause and get them involved in a
    project that gives a meaning to their sense of belonging to the company.
  • You’ll be personally participating in the research and progress in th
    field of cancer and intellectual disability that affect all families and those
    who are near and dear to us.
  • You’ll be involved in a dynamic project, international in scope, that will highlight
    the excellence of the Languedoc-Roussillon region in the field
    of neurosciences and remind that it is a historic center of medicine.


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